What is Mobile Marketing & Text Message Marketing?

  • Are you tired of losing touch with your customers and losing money to your competitors?
  • Have you heard about mobile digital marketing, but don’t know if it’s right for you?
  • How many of your customers do you see use mobile devices? Did you know that these hot little communication devices can serve as “personal billboards” for your company?
  • In case you haven’t noticed, people today are not sitting down reading brochures, flyers, or newspapers the way they used to. Instead, they’re opting for the faster, digital methods to get the information they want.

    One way to do so is by using their mobile devices, which can connect to the internet along with a wealth of other functions available on mobile phones today.

    Did you know that text messaging is the most popular use of mobile devices today? More people prefer to send and receive text messages than to actually speak over the phone.

    The massive popularity of text messaging has created a great opportunity for local businesses to directly connect with their customers and potential customers.

    Text Message Marketing is the practice of marketing to your mobile list by sending out occasional offers and information via text messaging. This is an extremely form of marketing that will help you communicate quickly and effectively with your mobile audience.

    You can send text messages notifying them of special coupon offers, new products or services, special events, or anything else that they would want to know about.

    How Does Text Message Marketing Work?

    • Someone sees your ad that tells them to text the word “SPECIAL” to your short code to get a discount – so they do. Once they do this, they are giving you permission to communicate with them and are added to your list.
    • Your SMS marketing system will store their mobile phone number and send them a response back thanking them for entering.
    • When you’re ready to send a text message campaign, you will simply log into your text marketing system, compose a short message, and send it to your mobile list. These messages must be immediately “valuable” in the eyes of the receiver so choose wisely when it comes to sending messages.

    This strategy has proven to be extremely effective, without increasing your marketing expenses – but boosting your ROI. In fact, Text Message marketing has actually reduced marketing expenses for many companies due to its affordability.

    Benefits of Text Message Marketing
    Text messaging can help to propel your other marketing methods such as print advertising and/or direct mail campaigns. By simply placing your mobile short code and keyword on your existing ads (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Direct Mail, Billboards) you will surely add more leads into your sales funnel.

    Here are some direct benefits of Text Message Marketing:

    • Immediate customer reach whenever you want
    • Ability to target your efforts to specific groups
    • Helps you establish a personal connection with your customers
    • Lower advertising costs
    • Messages can potentially go viral
    • Cost-effective so delivers a higher ROI
    • Easy to implement and run campaigns
    • Most people read their text messages within minutes of receiving them
    • Perfect for business branding
    • Permission-based so your message are welcomed
    • Great for lead generation as well as building customer loyalty

    Getting Started with Mobile Marketing & Text Message Marketing

    We help local businesses setup mobile text message marketing campaigns. We will help you determine the best and fastest way to build your mobile list as well as the best ways to deliver messages to that list.

    To find out more information, contact us at (413)884-3439 for a free consultation with no obligation!