What is Email Marketing?

  • Do you have a website, but fail to truly connect with visitors because you do not have a way to capture their contact details?
  • Do you have a lot of foot traffic coming in and out of your establishment, but don’t have a strategy in place to keep them coming back?
  • If this describes your business, you are probably finding it hard to generate profits during these tough, economic times…

    Email Marketing is the practice of using email to distribute your marketing messages to your customers and potential customers. By building an opt-in list of email subscribers, your business can establish an instant connection to local consumers who have an interest in what you have to offer.

    Once you have a list of subscribers on your list, you can build a strong relationship with them by communicating with them on a consistent basis. Building customer loyalty has never been easier than with Email Marketing. When done the right way, your readers will value and look forward to receiving emails from your business.

    However, businesses must be careful to include a solid mix of interesting, valuable content that their readers will enjoy and find useful. Otherwise, the whole process can fall through the cracks…

    Benefits of Email Marketing

    Sending your email list great content can do wonders for helping your business build a loyal following of local consumers.

    To help you understand this logic, here are a few reasons WHY Email Marketing could be your answer for more local leads, sales, and profits:

    • Permission-based Opt-in – Anyone who joins your email list is giving you permission to contact them, which is a very powerful position from a marketing standpoint.
    • Low Cost – Email is one of the most affordable marketing channels to exist today. Traditional methods such as direct mail and Yellow page advertising cost much more than sending emails. Furthermore, in most cases, they are less effective.
    • Easy – Just about everyone today knows how to send and read emails; therefore, Email Marketing is easy for you (the business) as well as easy for your target audience (existing customers and potential customers).
    • Fast – Sending an email is extremely fast because you can send the same message to your entire list with just a few clicks of a mouse. Your target audience will receive your message almost instantly.
    • Targeted and Personal – With most marketing methods, such as running a TV commercial, businesses have no choice but to market to a “wide” audience. However, building an email list allows you to “target” and “segment” your list as much as you like. Therefore, you can send personalized emails to each list with a totally different objective in mind.
    • Viral in Nature – When people receive an email they like – whether it’s a promotion or simply some great content – they tend to forward it on to their family, friends, and associates. Therefore, every email message you send could potentially reach even more people with no additional effort on your part.
    • Easy to Track – Due to the various features included with email auto responder systems today, tracking information such as how many people opened your emails and how many people clicked on your links is a piece of cake. No other marketing method has the power to deliver tracking details like this.

    Getting Started with Email Marketing

    We specialize in helping local businesses build email lists and email campaigns that aimed at helping you generate brand new customers as well as repeat customers.

    If you would like to learn more about how your business can start tapping into your local market with Email Marketing, contact us today for a free consultation at (413-884-3439)!